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The 31-Star Flag

31 Star U.S. Flag

At The Oaks (built about 1853), we fly the 31-star flag. This flag became the official United States Flag on July 4, 1851, and continued until July 4, 1858, when a star was added for Minnesota.

California was the 31st state, admitted to the Union when Millard Fillmore was this country’s 13th President (1850 to 1853). Franklin Pierce served as the 14th President (1853 to 1857), and the 15th was James Buchanan (1857 to 1861).

Can you name the first 30 states? The first 12 Presidents?

The Governors of Mississippi during the 1850s were John Anthony Quitman, 1850-51; John Isaac Guion, 1851; James Whitfield, 1851-52; Henry Stuart Foote, 1852-54; John Jones Pettus, 1854; John J. McRae, 1854-57; William McWillie, 1857-59; and John Jones Pettus, 1859-63.  How many other governors can you name?

The Mayors of the City of Jackson during the 1850s were:  James Hervey Boyd, 1850; J. P. Jones, 1851; William H. Taylor, 1852-53; Richard Fletcher, 1854; William H. Taylor, 1855-57; James Hervey Boyd, 1858; and W. A. Purdom, 1859.   How many other Jackson mayors can you name?


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